ecto_one (ecto_one) wrote in deathrap,

shock rap from broadcast depth, bitches...

i eat acid like hippies on new year's eve watchin' Phish..
lock my fist, clock your bitch, reload and then rock your sis..
wanted to rob you but saw you drawin' your nine so i shot you..
u were warned, but now i see you was unarmed like amadu diallu..
never heard of ya, i murder ya in suburbia n bury u on urban blocks..
i barter glocks, pound ya girl's ass an' leave her garter rocked..
improve your flow, metas, multis and move on to harder shots..
cuz the only 'free style' u cut is pro bono at the barbershop..
wrappin' ur ass up like a pretzel, i'm forcin' contortions..
cuttin' you into sloppy portions like partial birth abortions..
fry u quickly and yell out to all the cats who with me..
"bitch is ready, now how many of ya'll want extra crispy?"..
fuck backlash i make a mad dash n send ya thru cracked glass..
i'll hit you so hard you'll bleed snot out your ass crack ..
gay bitch, you can't blaze kids wit a blowtorch for a mic..
your whole style is a fucking waste, like huge tits on a dyke..
u listenin' to tha haters: "aiyo, Ecto ain't that tight"..
bitch fuck what u heard, like you do to your pillow at night..

[chaos theory] [slaughterhouse]
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