ecto_one (ecto_one) wrote in deathrap,

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Mic fight

i rattle fags, rippin' out they cataracts wit a battle axe ..
E wrecks, sendin 'em to certain death like cattle packs ..
i deliver smacks to all men, women and little kids..
a lack of calcium, cuz on impact they brittle shit..
my missiles hit, turning ya city to a new Tel Aviv..
a new group of quadraplegics, but i let 'em breath..
i got a metal sleeve, smackin' fags with my steel gloves..
slimin' ya shit, before i break out the real slugs..
a real thug, i'm like the sauron to the magic rings..
amputating crips, bloods and those fag-ass latin kings..
attackin' kings, i give the guillotine to ya monarch..
and conquer your map, like my lyrics started OnStar..
play me, right? maybe right if it's lady's night..
a gay in spite, you love the dick more than Cheney's wife..
skullcap torn, feedin' you a meal of your own corns..
left u gaggin' on hair, like actresses in lesbian porn..
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