Harry Niblets Esquire (albino_gorilla) wrote in deathrap,
Harry Niblets Esquire

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this rude boy

With backpack
and click clack
i sit back
and eat gak
with no slack
and no track
i type hardcore with one hand
because i'm jerking
i'm freaking sick
yeah i said it
i have my dick
it's thick
in my one hand
and i'm ruthless like eazy-e
cause i don't care about aids
and if you try to come back
well i can tell you're gay
cause that's what i say
i'm ripping up this keyboard
as the lettering fades
i type so fucking fast
that when you watch it kills you
just like me when i spit

-Albino Gorilla, the #1 freestyle thrilla
wreckin with some '04 about to be '05 shit
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