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When boredom strikes... [11 Dec 2008|01:53pm]

The smell of death surrounds me everywhere I go
I'm leavin' ya whole fam duckin',  I even scare my own
This ain't fair? I know! Ya'll ain't ever ready for this head B
So bring ya metal, I already know It's less heavy
I'm deadly wit' this rap shit, That's right, This cat's sick
N' comin' to fuck wit'cha more than a head full of acid
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[10 May 2006|06:48pm]

[ mood | cynical ]

Rage revealed, keep my bloody blade concealed.
Ain't it real enough I gotta keep my pace to kill?
Spit in the face of hate, just to make it squeal.
I'm that nigga to kill and make your talent a wasted skill./
Fake shit, I erase it and take this skill,
Break your face in half and laugh just to make you feel
Outta place, shank in tha back of your back.
I attack with tha track, just to blast thru your ass./
Ya shit is trash, your flow is nonexistant.
I'm the demon in your dreams, Jesus couldn't repent this.
I'm as real as it seems, I bring nothing but death.
I spit fast lines like I'm spittin 52 pick-up to your chest./
Niggas don't want war with War, you get your armed torn off.
See how you spit thru tha wire like when West broke his jaw.
Sick to your stomache, egluting this punishment.
I stomp the face of cowards, and you is a fucking bitch./
Another snitch who gonna catch a fucking busted lip.
You ain't ready for Cyrez, so go back to your mother bitch.
I dislocate your voice in a battle, I'm on some other shit.
I'll kill your family, then I'll go and fucking smuther this./

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[06 Mar 2006|09:08am]

[ mood | aggravated ]

Death rap snap back and attack yo' whack raps.
Black gat blast that ass, it's that bad.
Rap back and get thrashed all up on my block.
Niggaz get embedded and bumped off when I rock./
Just stop, you're not real, you cylicone.
Peel your dome, feel alone when I drill tha phone.
a-mic, You bitches all fold alike. All holdin tight.
Show tha night, my mind enlighten when I flow this bright./
Sever heads, niggaz better dead. Never regret, I what I said.
Left for death in my bed, got tha walls bloody red.
Nuff said for the worst, fuck this herste, I'll walk to my funeral.
My music fits in my speech like I talk in a musical./
Drop kick tha crippled, use chop sticks to stick you
for your watch and chain. See how tha spic flip you.
Fuck around, get trashed, yo. You're a lyrical blackhole.
That means you suck eternally, so now you get it asshole./

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[04 Feb 2006|01:42am]

violence be my game, your head is what be maimed
when i get off to head shots, and you know that i came
like koresh, you know i'm playin the savior
cause the seven seals done made ya
cause i let flew scattered rounds off you dumb ass clowns
i'ma chaotic bitch, when i flip the switch, you know shits goin down
i'm the ambassador, a nasty bastard, fuck the public, my lyrics is hazardous
my lyricals be just like sphericals, drive through ya heart like a spear
you're killed, real nice and slow,
with an intricate mode, i fuck bitches like hoes
then i sever their toes
like the dark man, i'll fuck ya corpse
yeah it's harsh man, but it could be worse
i could leave ya sufferin, suckin dick, "ay, keep bufferin!"
it's sick shit, but it's slick shit
you may think it's fucked or fiction
but it's not, kid, i'ma fuckin schizo
but i blitz, yo, never get caught, yo
i'm the anti-fuckin-hero, get ya head blown by a commando
i ain't even a negro, but i sound pro, don't i, bro?
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[12 Jul 2005|09:34pm]

tha war spawn, tha record get down and dirty
bust shots at ya fam till tha age of 30
niggaz talkin weak shit, so they really don't hurt me
walkin on these streets, niggaz tryin to murk me/
but faggots can't do shit to me, cuz i'm that damn nasty
tha hip hop general, can't nobody
i hurt ya badly cuz ya tried to stab me
make ur death memorable like big in cali/
send u to tha hospital wit teared opticals
atomical molecules trapped in ur abdominals
poppin u while stoppin u, flows i pop a few
and ur flow sux more than japanese prostistutes/
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[07 Jul 2005|01:00am]

i saw in tha profile that u lookin for nigga hu make beats and shit. well here i am. i got too much beats and shit, lookin to see if i can get rid of some. i got like 167 or somewhere around there. and jus cuz i feel like it, i'll post up a verse:

i cut throats while ya niggaz fuck goats, a blood toast
fuck ghosts, i'm tha spiritual entity that drug folks
and since i'm new to this community, i'll tell u who this be
Cyrez, tha Lyrical Visionary gettin u abituaries/
born in tha streets, this puerto rican speakin demon
got u bleedin, super seman, bitches feindin
beastin, to taste a god, u don't wanna face a mob
that TdM squad throw bombs, so now we work for sudam/
too much scars, spit bars and rip hearts
spit darts, give marks when i hit hard
lyrical devil on tha internet, but i still put tha gun to ya
tha skill blow up in front of ya like team columbia/
get down wit tha sickness, u witness this shit
and get ripped on some ballistik sick shit
rip shit in vivid descriptions, spit this quickness
tha fitness of tha track got u outta shape, get to tha gym bitch/
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[28 Jun 2005|02:04pm]

Image hosted by Photobucket.com
If you can rap or freestyle come join grimeewhitegrlz and respresent yo'self!
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jus' some death rap shit [24 May 2005|09:54pm]

[ mood | high ]

Dirty death raps.. Peep this shit... listen...

I got this spiritual mind frame
As I sit back and play these mind games
I don’t give two shits for the blind fame
I’d rather cut your neck, leave you bided by the sugarcane
Psycho-logical will always reign
Brain washed me from a young age,
Ideas tatted in my brain
Death raps, the only thing that keeps me sane
Spit this killer shit an never complain
About it
Clouded by the insane clown shit
Chill in the carnival of carnage while the D.E.A. surrounds it
Dirty deeds, homicidal from the south kid
Hang out the window; homies ride while I split your lid

.... yea this is just some garbage but still

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[16 Dec 2004|05:50am]

i've always found violence raps to be the easiest to write
i've also seen how the e-violent types go down quickest in a fight
maybe my next rhyme should be i'll take ya life but it's so played out
netcees trying to be more than they seem writing raps like
no one hates more fags than me!
i mean seriously how much thought are we putting into this
sending out unheard hate on the tails of love letters, end it with a kiss
what did you all miss during the time between birth and when you met my fist
or maybe i'm missing the point, places like this need to exist
where else would the stupid fucks who just don't get the movement go
in fact having you all here seems to be an improvement at the show
i'd suggest just letting your hatred fade, and maybe take some time out to bathe
roll a nice fattie and stop acting so fucking crazed
smoke that shit to your head and when you're blazed, try to think of how overplayed
this shit really is

hey the whole point is hate, right?
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this rude boy [06 Dec 2004|08:02pm]

[ mood | enraged ]

With backpack
and click clack
i sit back
and eat gak
with no slack
and no track
i type hardcore with one hand
because i'm jerking
i'm freaking sick
yeah i said it
i have my dick
it's thick
in my one hand
and i'm ruthless like eazy-e
cause i don't care about aids
and if you try to come back
well i can tell you're gay
cause that's what i say
i'm ripping up this keyboard
as the lettering fades
i type so fucking fast
that when you watch it kills you
just like me when i spit

-Albino Gorilla, the #1 freestyle thrilla
wreckin with some '04 about to be '05 shit

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What's Up [28 Oct 2004|02:18pm]


What's up ya'll, I just joined... this community seems pretty cool, a good place for me to post my shit and read others' :)
Um, this isn't really vile or anything, but I hope it's alright, juss something small I came up with a few days ago out of bordem. Here ya go...

God sent me and angel who taught me to level the devil,
Saw people fall and I'd
So I got the name of a rebel,
But still nameless cause in any case I won't settle,
I'll juss continue to meddle, point in every direction n nettle
Dangle the danger and give satan a rose full of petals,
The thorns made of metal,
Burn every stove, every kettle,
Let the world reverse and grow into somethin' little,
Every life becomes whittled
And every bone juss go brittle,
The fire and the sweat makin' more raindbows than skittles,
We gon push, we gon fight till saints grants Satan

Also, if you're looking for beats ya'll should go here.


Comments appreciated, kthnx <3

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[22 Oct 2004|10:15am]

my rhymes are like lyrical masturbation
you drop tracks gayer that faggot castration
I have the power to give and take life
when I cut off your tits I use a fillet knife
hours, and hours of cum splatter bukkake
my jiz explodes on your face like a-bombs in nagasaki
after I rape you Ill throw you in the ditch
cover you with dirt to mask your tampon stench
I hate you whore and ill show you I mean it
bitch, I got your shit on my dick now im going to make you clean it
the only good bitch is a bitch with cum on her faces
I raped your little sister and left cum in her braces
I raped your gradmother in her colostomy stoma
When I killed her she was like seth putnam in a coma
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[22 Oct 2004|10:12am]

I wish aids was airborne so I could cough on your first born
when im not killing sluts I have a habit of shit porn
I like styx and disco if you dont you're a faggot
when I invade your sluthole im like a twat hungry maggot
I stab so many whores they call me the master
with my infectious load of cum cunt blaster
I told you i loved you and gave you poems and flowers
but when I got you home I raped your stink hole for hours
with a dull knife I scalp your pussy like a savage
one time when I was 12 I jerked off in the thanksgiving cabbage
fat sluts and cheap wine kill with out reason
I raped sluts in baghdad and got charges of treason
I like young dumb dirty cum covered asians
make them eat shit off my cock like a chocolate covered raisens
I dipped my cock in peanut butter after I killed your little brother
your dog licked it off and then I fist raped your mother
I raped her so hard now she's in diapers
made her blow my flute like the jolly peter pipers
dont cry when I rape you my semen is a gift
you should be honored that I would talk to you
let alone mutilate your clit
my posse has ar's revolvers and ak's
we have enough bullets to kill gay pride parades
i put your baby in the microwave and kicked your dad in the nutsack
after I pissed on your face I shot my load in your ass crack
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[21 Oct 2004|11:07pm]

im the opposite of heaven sent,
im ill like pestilence,
a plague to make fake mc's irrelevant,
maybe i was devil sent
or created by a legion of demons,
making believers into heathens,
barely breathin,
see im evil,
conceived of as lucifers sequel,
to kill all people,
leave you in the dirt for your family to grieve you,
i got 2 hands to bleed you and a couple bullets to stop you,
if i run out of bullets i grab a couple knives and ill chop you,
i stop you, your future and youll cease to exist,
im out and im sayin peace out like this.
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yo [23 Jul 2004|04:37pm]

[ mood | rushed ]

new here. lets see... ill write a little somethin here

Bitch you shouldn't have looked at me like that
When you turn around your head's gettin cracked
With a metal bat, watch you fall then I pull out my gat
Pull the tirgger, dump thirteen rounds into your back
Shouldn't have tried to act like you were the shit
Didn't think I was the type to give a throat a slit
Didn't think I was the type to take someone's life
Didn't know I never leave my home without my knife
The sight of blood makes my heart beat faster
Death is my love, quick to make your brains splatter
Make you eat a slug, leave you standin in fecal matter
All these stupid fucks are just makin me madder
Already killed your brother, bout to make your family sadder
By emptying a full clip in your head back and bladder
Head home and brood with my freshest corpse
Then go out and kill again without showin any remorse

i gotta bounce... ill write more later

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KILL FAGGOTS [02 Jun 2004|03:37pm]

Jumped up on your bitch and I busted her hymen
Then I made her Screech like Dustin Diamond
I'm a fuckin real life Homer Simpson
Smack a fag in his gay knees and leave him limpin
If you diss me on your records, you fags ain't livin 2 more seconds
Because Lucifer beckons. I'll jerk off at an autopsy
And a cop can't stop me. Your rhymes are sloppy
None of you bitch ass MC's can top me
The Baron's freestyles flood the motherfuckin Niles
I'll drive 500 miles to leave dykes in corpse piles
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More [24 May 2004|07:32am]

Fuck with me ho, and watch my hate grow
Now your lifespan is shorter than the Chevy Chase show
You asshole. Fuck with me and die slow
You fag. There's no basement in the Alamo
I'm fuckin pissed off now, can't you see?
You rappers wouldn't exist if it wasn't for me
I'm out lookin for another priest to slaughter
Piss in the holy water and then beat off on his daughter
Drink my cock potion or make it your skin lotion
If you resist this motion you'll be left tied up in the ocean
You'll find me on school lawns, dressed like the Fonz
Chewin on anthrax tampons like bon bons
I ran for mayor preachin "Beat Your Spouce!"
And "Smack your bitch!" now I'm in the White House
I got bitches given me head in the backseat of BM's
Even though I got more hair on my back than Robin Williams
Weigh more than Biggie Smalls, sweat more than waterfalls
And make bomb threat calls to crowded shopping malls
All the sluts are dyin and I'm doin it so swiftly
Got cheerleader clits dryin on the wing of my F-50
I know life sucks, but for 50 bucks
I'll leave dumb fucks decomposing in dump trucks
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Ode to 99 percent of the flagrant asswipes on LJ [24 May 2004|02:00am]

fuck emo, my style is offensive to thin-skinned faggots..
like magic, killin' all you bitches in thick-rimmed glasses..
erratic, but for you whiny fucks Ecto can come precise ..
slicin' steady wit a machete, i'll end ya life ..
ya'll want some sad shit to blog about? then try this..
for violence, i'll find a nice goth bitch to confide in..
Girl show me ya Topangas, i promise to drool like Minkus..
you could give me 1,000 bj's, still wont get cunnilingus..
you want the cock, the balls or the switch-blade? ..
u could invent the cure for cancer, it'd still be bitch-made..
donkey punch? shit's played, just take a smack from me..
Cuz i bring the pain, like your vibrator without vaseline..
stop typing, slut, and start posting them pics up ..
i'll comment on ya shit, just as soon as my dick's up..
and for all you fags who listen to Death Cab for Cutie..
i'm sinamatic, getting head from your girl at the movies..
but while your foot leaves a scratch, mine leaves fossils..
and girls give me brain when all you need are tonsils..
so while i post ill rhymes while tokin' a drag or two..
you're posting questionnaires, askin' "Which Fag Are You?"..

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shock rap from broadcast depth, bitches... [24 May 2004|01:32am]

i eat acid like hippies on new year's eve watchin' Phish..
lock my fist, clock your bitch, reload and then rock your sis..
wanted to rob you but saw you drawin' your nine so i shot you..
u were warned, but now i see you was unarmed like amadu diallu..
never heard of ya, i murder ya in suburbia n bury u on urban blocks..
i barter glocks, pound ya girl's ass an' leave her garter rocked..
improve your flow, metas, multis and move on to harder shots..
cuz the only 'free style' u cut is pro bono at the barbershop..
wrappin' ur ass up like a pretzel, i'm forcin' contortions..
cuttin' you into sloppy portions like partial birth abortions..
fry u quickly and yell out to all the cats who with me..
"bitch is ready, now how many of ya'll want extra crispy?"..
fuck backlash i make a mad dash n send ya thru cracked glass..
i'll hit you so hard you'll bleed snot out your ass crack ..
gay bitch, you can't blaze kids wit a blowtorch for a mic..
your whole style is a fucking waste, like huge tits on a dyke..
u listenin' to tha haters: "aiyo, Ecto ain't that tight"..
bitch fuck what u heard, like you do to your pillow at night..

[chaos theory] [slaughterhouse]
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Mic fight [23 May 2004|06:47pm]

i rattle fags, rippin' out they cataracts wit a battle axe ..
E wrecks, sendin 'em to certain death like cattle packs ..
i deliver smacks to all men, women and little kids..
a lack of calcium, cuz on impact they brittle shit..
my missiles hit, turning ya city to a new Tel Aviv..
a new group of quadraplegics, but i let 'em breath..
i got a metal sleeve, smackin' fags with my steel gloves..
slimin' ya shit, before i break out the real slugs..
a real thug, i'm like the sauron to the magic rings..
amputating crips, bloods and those fag-ass latin kings..
attackin' kings, i give the guillotine to ya monarch..
and conquer your map, like my lyrics started OnStar..
play me, right? maybe right if it's lady's night..
a gay in spite, you love the dick more than Cheney's wife..
skullcap torn, feedin' you a meal of your own corns..
left u gaggin' on hair, like actresses in lesbian porn..
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