Ghetto Brunette (ghettobrunette) wrote in deathrap,
Ghetto Brunette

What's Up

What's up ya'll, I just joined... this community seems pretty cool, a good place for me to post my shit and read others' :)
Um, this isn't really vile or anything, but I hope it's alright, juss something small I came up with a few days ago out of bordem. Here ya go...

God sent me and angel who taught me to level the devil,
Saw people fall and I'd
So I got the name of a rebel,
But still nameless cause in any case I won't settle,
I'll juss continue to meddle, point in every direction n nettle
Dangle the danger and give satan a rose full of petals,
The thorns made of metal,
Burn every stove, every kettle,
Let the world reverse and grow into somethin' little,
Every life becomes whittled
And every bone juss go brittle,
The fire and the sweat makin' more raindbows than skittles,
We gon push, we gon fight till saints grants Satan

Also, if you're looking for beats ya'll should go here.


Comments appreciated, kthnx <3

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