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new here. lets see... ill write a little somethin here

Bitch you shouldn't have looked at me like that
When you turn around your head's gettin cracked
With a metal bat, watch you fall then I pull out my gat
Pull the tirgger, dump thirteen rounds into your back
Shouldn't have tried to act like you were the shit
Didn't think I was the type to give a throat a slit
Didn't think I was the type to take someone's life
Didn't know I never leave my home without my knife
The sight of blood makes my heart beat faster
Death is my love, quick to make your brains splatter
Make you eat a slug, leave you standin in fecal matter
All these stupid fucks are just makin me madder
Already killed your brother, bout to make your family sadder
By emptying a full clip in your head back and bladder
Head home and brood with my freshest corpse
Then go out and kill again without showin any remorse

i gotta bounce... ill write more later
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