Alvefard (alvefard) wrote in deathrap,


Fuck with me ho, and watch my hate grow
Now your lifespan is shorter than the Chevy Chase show
You asshole. Fuck with me and die slow
You fag. There's no basement in the Alamo
I'm fuckin pissed off now, can't you see?
You rappers wouldn't exist if it wasn't for me
I'm out lookin for another priest to slaughter
Piss in the holy water and then beat off on his daughter
Drink my cock potion or make it your skin lotion
If you resist this motion you'll be left tied up in the ocean
You'll find me on school lawns, dressed like the Fonz
Chewin on anthrax tampons like bon bons
I ran for mayor preachin "Beat Your Spouce!"
And "Smack your bitch!" now I'm in the White House
I got bitches given me head in the backseat of BM's
Even though I got more hair on my back than Robin Williams
Weigh more than Biggie Smalls, sweat more than waterfalls
And make bomb threat calls to crowded shopping malls
All the sluts are dyin and I'm doin it so swiftly
Got cheerleader clits dryin on the wing of my F-50
I know life sucks, but for 50 bucks
I'll leave dumb fucks decomposing in dump trucks
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