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Ode to 99 percent of the flagrant asswipes on LJ

fuck emo, my style is offensive to thin-skinned faggots..
like magic, killin' all you bitches in thick-rimmed glasses..
erratic, but for you whiny fucks Ecto can come precise ..
slicin' steady wit a machete, i'll end ya life ..
ya'll want some sad shit to blog about? then try this..
for violence, i'll find a nice goth bitch to confide in..
Girl show me ya Topangas, i promise to drool like Minkus..
you could give me 1,000 bj's, still wont get cunnilingus..
you want the cock, the balls or the switch-blade? ..
u could invent the cure for cancer, it'd still be bitch-made..
donkey punch? shit's played, just take a smack from me..
Cuz i bring the pain, like your vibrator without vaseline..
stop typing, slut, and start posting them pics up ..
i'll comment on ya shit, just as soon as my dick's up..
and for all you fags who listen to Death Cab for Cutie..
i'm sinamatic, getting head from your girl at the movies..
but while your foot leaves a scratch, mine leaves fossils..
and girls give me brain when all you need are tonsils..
so while i post ill rhymes while tokin' a drag or two..
you're posting questionnaires, askin' "Which Fag Are You?"..

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